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When looking around for deals and cheap photo booth hire in Devon, Cornwall or anywhere else in the South West, you have to consider what you want to get from your overall experience after the event.

When choosing a photo booth, the following list are the most important attributes you should consider...


1. The quality of the photos. When choosing a cheap photo booth hire company, the reason they are providing cheap photo booth hire is usually because they can narrow their overheads by providing a inferior service. Whether this is because they only send you one attendant, or their equipment is cheaper, or they don't manage the booth at all. This can be devastating for you photos. At South West Photo Booths, we provide competitive prices, and always provide two booth attendants. This allows one of our attendants to focus on providing great quality photos, and the other attendant to talk to your guests, and assist them when using a guest book.


2. The presentation of the service. At your wedding, do you really want the attendant turning up in a sweaty polo shirt and jeans? We thought not. At South West Photo Booths we are dressed to impress. We dress to suit a wedding, even if your event is only a party.


The bottom line here, as always is that you pay for what you get.


We offer a superior service at a competitive price.